WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Only for adults, MINORS are prohibited from buying e-cigarette.

Pro-Pen kit has a pen-shaped design featuring soft and elegant lines , comfortable grip, innovative appearance, and mini-portable size. Unique patented nozzle comes with stylish wavelike streamline design and fits perfectly the lips, bring you the unique touching experience. With the pneumatic trigger switch(Appearance Patent No.:CN201830171542.4), no need to push the button to get an easy and pleasant smoking.The innovative conductive connection technology completely avoid any intermittent short-circuit caused by limited contact surface or poor conductivity. Pro-Pen adopts gold-plated elastic pin hole connection ((Utility Model Patent No.: CN201820832563.0)), the conductivity is long-term reliable and stable, and the bursting power is instantaneously reached. The built-in 650mAh polymer lithium battery provides long-lasting durability energy for its mini-sized body.The cartridge adopts the bottom oil injection way with 2ml cartridge capacity, with no oil leakage, it can be refilled multiple times. It is an economical and environment-friendly product. Mok Technology always pursuit to protect the global environment in long term. Three years R&D with ingenuity to provide vapers with a fabulous product! Pro-Pen is a classic and quality vaping device with patented technology. Not only a vape pen but also an Art.
Exclusive conductive connection patent technology

The innovative conductive connection technology completely abandoned
the magnet and pin contact connection used in similar products which only offers
a poor contact and a limited bursting power and comes with an intermittent short-circuit risk,
due to too small contact surface or poor conductivity. Medallion adopts 24k gold-plated elastic pin hole
blind-mating connection (Utility Model Patent No.: CN201820832563.0), the
conductivity is long-term reliable and stable, and the bursting power is instantaneously reached.
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MOK Technology is a CHINA based electronic cigarette company. We have very strong R & D and innovation capabilities and have great influence in the (Shenzhen e-cigarette) industry. The company's latest developments include (disposable e-cigarettes) (vape pens ) (lanyard e cigarettes) (pod system vapes) (box mods) (refillable e cigarette pods) (pre-filled e cigarette) (heat not burn e cigarette) various electric cigarettes , cartridges, pods, atomizers, vaporizers, vapourless eliquid, and other products with individual style. Products patented conductive structure makes the bursting power instantaneously reached. Smooth taste improves the e liquid flavors to the best point. All the product patents in the company have independent intellectual property rights protection. Copyright © MOK TECHNOLOGY. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
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