WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Only for adults, MINORS are prohibited from buying e-cigarette.
Ergonomically designed, Legolas kit combines features such as curved profile, firm hand-feeling,
small size and easy to carry. Jaws of death button and Micro USB interface perfectly match withcan adjust the air inflow,
better to achieve a conversion between different tastes, and to meet the Φ19mm atomizer(Appearance Patent No.:CN201730334810.5). Newly developed top oil injection to prevent any oil leakage issues. Legolas kit aims to bring you to enjoy an unparalleled vaporing needs of various groups. The main oil tank is designed with the upper air intake U-shaped airway, experience!
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MOK electronic cigarette
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MOK e-cigarette, is a CHINA electronic cigarette company. MOK e cigarette has a very strong R & D and innovation capabilities, it has a greater influence in the (Shenzhen e-cigarette) market. The company's latest development (disposable e-cigarette) (vape pen ) (lanyard e cigarette) (pod vape) (box mod e-cig) (refillable e cigarette)  (pre-filled e cigarette) (heat not burn e cigarette) various electric cigarette , cartridge, pod, atomizer, vaporizer, vapor, and other products with individual fashion style. Product patented conductive structure makes the bursting power is instantaneously reached. Smooth taste improve the e liquid flavors to the best point. All the product patents in the company have independent intellectual property rights protection. Follow us is follow opportunity, let us work together to win the heaven gifts, and create a better future.