WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Only for adults, MINORS are prohibited from buying e-cigarette.

MOKZeus kit comes with a pen shape design with exquisite and elegant appearance. The heating way adopts the solid ceramic

rod with quick temperature rise and longer service life.It is the industry’s creation to get the heating rod modular design (Appearance Patent No.:CN201830171542.4)combining the elastic ball pin and jack connection, which subverts the current market trend using heat-generating sheets or rods welded to the battery, and ends the history of needing professional repair and replacement. Users of this product can disassemble

and replace the heating element module by themselves, very easy to do so with one pull and one push.The unique patented conductive connection technology completely abandoned the magnet and pin contact connection used in similar products which only offers a poor contact and a limited bursting power and comes with an intermittent short-circuit risk, due to too small contact surface or poor conductivity. MOK•Zeus adopts 24k gold-plated elastic pin hole connection ((Utility Model Patent No.: CN201820832563.0), the conductivity is long-term reliable and stable, and the bursting power is instantaneously reached.The built-in 650mAh polymer lithium battery provides long-lasting energy for its mini-sized body and can be used for 12-15 heat-sticks after a full charging. The heat-sticks are heated with no flame, no ash, saying goodbye to the harm caused by secondhand smoke.Two years R&D with ingenuity is only for a good e-cigarette,

MOK•Zeus is a quality stable device with own core technology, it is not only a pen or an e-cigarette, but also an art, accompanying you for a successful and healthy life journey .

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MOK e-cigarette, is a CHINA electronic cigarette company. MOK e cigarette has a very strong R & D and innovation capabilities, it has a greater influence in the (Shenzhen e-cigarette) market. The company's latest development (disposable e-cigarette) (vape pen ) (lanyard e cigarette) (pod vape) (box mod e-cig) (refillable e cigarette)  (pre-filled e cigarette) (heat not burn e cigarette) various electric cigarette , cartridge, pod, atomizer, vaporizer, vapor, and other products with individual fashion style. Product patented conductive structure makes the bursting power is instantaneously reached. Smooth taste improve the e liquid flavors to the best point. All the product patents in the company have independent intellectual property rights protection.